TES products for healthcare professionals

PlatoWork tDCS headset

For healthcare professionals interested in getting familiar with our app-controlled tDCS headset for supporting treatments available in their clinic.

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TES Certification Course

Acquire a thorough understanding of the functionality and clinical applications of TES in general and the PlatoWork headset in particular. A certification from PlatoScience ensures that you and your clients have the best possible foundation for successful TES supported treatments - in the clinic and at home.

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PlatoWork headsets & TES Certification - Intro Kit

The perfect way to get started with neurostimulation in your clinic:

2 x PlatoWork headsets
1x Full TES Certification

Save €498

Order Intro Kit / €1499

About medical use for individuals

PlatoWork is not a medical treatment in itself, and therefore we do not offer or encourage unsupervised medical usage of the PlatoWork headset. If you are interested in using PlatoWork for medical purposes as an individual, please ask your healthcare provider to reach out to us.

PlatoWork for Healthcare Professionals

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