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Maintenance of the PlatoWork headset should be performed after 5 sessions or when needed.

Charging PlatoWork 

Charge headset with the USB cable provided. The battery should last for more than 10 sessions, but we recommend you to charge it more often, so that you can be sure your headset works when you need it. The fixed green light next to the charging port will indicate that the battery is currently recharging. The light will turn off when the battery is fully charged.


Rinse the sponges under running lukewarm tap water. Ideally, air dry sponges after use. Before next usage, they need to be moistened with salt water from the bottle.

When the sponges get worn out

Your sponges can last for many (100+) sessions if treated correctly. But if they begin to wear out and discolour, simply use the three replacement sponges provided.

More detailed instructions for maintenance can be found in the Instructions for use pdf.

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