Research Collaborations

PlatoScience is a company built by neuroscientists and we remain dedicated to the advancement of the field of non-invasive brain modulation. For this reason, PlatoScience works closely with scientists at institutions all over the world to explore the future of remotely supervised tDCS and related technologies.

Where relevant, PlatoScience can contribute not just with equipment but also with expertise, study design input, analysis etcetera. If the project is well aligned with our vision and scope, custom made and/or discounted equipment is also a possibility. PlatoScience has a number of such research collaborations, and we are always open to initiate new projects.

Contact us through and send a brief description of your research proposal as well as information about the university or institution you are affiliated with.

Study design

In order to make sure that the research output from your project is of the highest quality, we offer to be involved in the design phase of your project. We have a lot of NIBS and tDCS experience and are involved in many studies worldwide, and we offer our expertise to help you optimize your study design(s).

Research system

In addition to the functionality offered in the commercially available PlatoWork 2.0 headset and the PlatoApp smartphone application, we offer more customized setups for scientific research. This can include, but is not limited to, other NIBS technologies, extended sensing capabilities, sham/placebo and triple blind setups, study specific apps, and access to APIs or other raw data sources.

Discounted devices

When PlatoScience supports a project, the equipment used might be lent and/or for discounted costs. Discounted headsets are only for noncommercial use, so if you plan on using headsets for non-research, clinical, or commercial use you will need to purchase one of our other offerings. If, after a successful research project, you wish to continue using the device(s) for commercial purposes, this must be agreed on separately.

How to get started

Contact us on and send a brief description of your research proposal as well as information about the university or institution you are affiliated with. We will then assess your proposal and get back to you within ten working days. The more detail provided, the easier it is for us to assess the project – but we also welcome more open requests where we can participate in co-designing a study.

Data sharing

There are no requirements that you share your experimental data with us, and the exact data sharing agreements are specified for each project.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the research team:
Morten G Joensson

Morten Gørtz Jønsson
Research Manager

Alexander T. Sack

Prof. Alexander Sack, PhD
Chief Scientific Advisor