Donate your PlatoWork headset

Contribute to medical research and sustainable manufacturing

Neurotech research is booming - you can make a difference!

Did you know...

...that your PlatoWork is actually more than a cognitive enhancement tool? It’s a medical-grade tDCS device, which can make a material difference in the research and potential treatment of a range of conditions (i.e. depression, addiction, pain, Long-Covid, etc.). This year, we have obtained the necessary classifications to contribute to this exciting work by partnering with scientists and healthcare professionals. But we need your help.

As things currently stand in the world of manufacturing, we cannot meet the demand from interested research partners. That is why we invite you to DONATE YOUR HEADSET to research and help realise the projects which are currently on hold due to a lack of products.

If you are enjoying your PlatoWork experience as it is, you should of course keep doing so, and we will continue to support you in any way we can. But if you feel like your PlatoWork could do more good in the hands of researchers, please consider donating. Whichever you choose, we are grateful!

FAQ about the donate initiative

Why should I donate my headset?
We know, that the majority of PlatoWork users are very happy with their product, but we are also aware that there are devices out there which are being used less frequently. The latter are the products we encourage you to consider donating to a worthy cause.

Why doesn’t PlatoScience just produce new devices?
Several reasons: First of all, we always believe in choosing the sustainable option whenever possible, and to produce goods in a less wasteful way. Secondly, there is currently a global shortage of components and a delay in shipping, which is affecting our supply chain - as well as most other manufacturers right now. So even though we will produce more headsets to meet the demand, we think it a shame to pause important research in the meanwhile.

What will my donated PlatoWork headset be used for?
When it comes to medical research, PlatoScience is collaborating only with acknowledged academic institutions and clinics. Right now, we are actively involved in several studies around the world, and your headset could be an important part of these. The topics of the studies include; depression treatment, reduction of cravings in addiction disorders, alleviating cognitive deficits in Long Covid patients, TBI cognitive rehabilitation, and more.

What will happen to my donated headset?
When we receive your headset, it will be thoroughly tested, and then refurbished by the PlatoScience team. Thereafter we will repack it, and send it on to one of our ongoing medical studies, depending on demand.

Please send your headset to the closest location


PlatoScience Europe
Republikken Vesterbrogade 26
1620 Copenhagen V


1 Ilene Court, Bldg 8 Unit 3, 
Hillsborough NJ, 08844


PlatoScience Int
306 St Georges Rd
Thornbury. VIC 3071

Please mark your parcel "Returned goods”, and inform us when the parcel is underway

Thank you!