Please note: We do not provide headsets directly to clients. Instead, it is essential to collaborate with your clinician to establish an appropriate treatment plan. If your clinic is already affiliated with us, that's excellent news, please speak with your clinician. However, if they are not yet connected, we encourage you to motivate them to get in touch with us.

How does the brain work?

tDCS illustrated

What is tDCS?

PlatoWork tDCS headset

PlatoWork tDCS is a very useful add on therapy, and it is very easy to use with friendly applications that can be used even by older patients. I find it extremely helpful in my work, and I warmly recommend it for my colleagues.

Dr. Theodoros Koutsomitros

Using the PlatoWork tDCS headset

We are collaborating with PlatoScience to give our patients the opportunity to increase the effect of their treatment in between consultations. The fact that the tDCS sessions can take place in the home of the patients, strengthens their sense of empowerment and autonomy, which we know to have a great effect.

Rikke Engelbrecht
Hospital Director


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